Valley Land Solutions, LLC

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How It Works

How it works - in 3 easy steps

1) Pick the property you love and decide if you want to pay up front or make monthly payments.


2) We will send you an online form where you can enter the information that we need to prepare the documents. Then you pay the “one time” Document Processing Fee.


3) We will then prepare the Land Purchase Contract that you will sign online.




Now you are on your way to owning your new property! 


How will I know if I qualify for financing?

Everyone qualifies for our in-house financing at Valley Land Solutions.

Do you do credit checks?

No, we do not do credit checks. 

Do you charge interest?

No, we do not charge interest. 

Do you charge prepayment penalties?

No, you can pay off your balance at any time with no penalty or fees charged to you. 

When will the property be deeded into my name?

After your final payment has cleared and your property is paid-in-full, we will begin the process of preparing the deed in your name.  We will send you a copy of the drafted deed for approval.  Once you approve, we will record the deed with the county.  Some counties are backed up and take a couple months to get the recorded deed back to you. 

What fees are involved?

We don’t like charging fees, however there are a few fees that we do need to charge. 

Document processing fee – This is a “one time” fee that pays for us to have our legal team prepare your documents.

Property taxes – We prorate these into your monthly payment so that the taxes are being paid throughout the term of your loan. 

Note Service Fee – When you set up monthly payments there is a $10 monthly note fee.  This covers the cost of managing your monthly payments.

HOA (Homeowner’s Association) Dues – If you are buying a property that has HOA fees, we will prorate these into your monthly payment. 

All fees are listed in your contracts, and you will know what they are, up front.  We do not hide fees.

Do I need an attorney or real estate agent?

We have a team that prepares the documents for us, so you do not need an attorney or real estate agent.  However, we would never discourage anyone from hiring an attorney or real estate agent on their behalf, that is your choice.