Valley Land Solutions, LLC

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Matthew Arzate

My New Journey
I am excited to say that my dream of owning land has come true and I couldn’t have done it without Dan and Heidi. They answered every question asked and made sure I was comfortable with my decision. I appreciate and am thankful they are apart of my New Journey. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting their dream of owning land to come true. Thanks again!

Duplexe Duplessy

Truly Awesome Journey
This is my first patch of land that I purchased. I’m a real person, having to deal with COVID, rising gas prices, vehicle shortage, food shortage and life in general. The process of owning a patch of land, that I could one day call my own, has been a dream for quite some time. Being in my late 20s, I made it a goal when I turned 21 that I would do something for the generations to come. Heidi and Dan both took such great care of me, teaching me what they know, remaining transparent and are worthy people to get in touch with. I actively serve as a U.S Marine so being alone and unafraid in the middle of nowhere is regular to me and my family hence why I reached out and was blessed with such great company. My honest opinion under God’s supervision: People like Heidi and Dan are truly hard to come across, so cherish them and reach out for your land aspirations ????#Blessings

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